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Mental health through phototherapy and optical illusions

57.7 million people in the United States have diagnosable mental disorders, including about one in four adults (National Institute of Mental Health). Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability among ages 15-44 in the United States and Canada combined (World Health Organization). The cost of lost earnings alone due to major mental disorders in the United States is around $193 billion each year. With health care cost related to worker stress come to approximately $86.9 billion a year.

The eyes are an extension of the brain. The connection between brain activity and vision is really quite vast. Light affects the brain through the eyes. Our eyes charge and energize our brain and nervous system. The light coming in through the eyes can augment the function of the nervous and vision system.

While medical science has shown that light has a profound stimulatory and regulatory effect on all of the body's vital functions, phototherapy has found that specific portions of the visible spectrum act as the rebalancers of these vital functions. Light may well be the major nutrient which feeds the evolution of all life.

In the 19th century, Dr. E. Babbit, M.D. proved that colored light was capable of healing through the effect on the autonomic nerve fibers in the skin and via the nerves from the eye to the brain. Dr. Spitler proved in the 1930ís that psychiatric illnesses could be cured or improved by using a visual colored light source. It is now known that there are at least four effects from light. These are:

1. The optic nerve to the pituitary gland, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe of the brain. This information affects the conscious part of the brain without interpretation.

2. A second nerve bundle from the retina to the hypothalamus, which is a major control area for both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Dr. Fritz Hollwich, M.D. has shown that color affects neurotransmitter and hormone levels in the brain and spinal cord, which in turn affect the rest of metabolism and biochemistry.

3. This path goes from the retina to the midbrain, and then to the superior cervical ganglion to the brainstem and then to the pineal gland. This area controls, among other things, our circadian (sleep/wake) cycle.

4. The last is a direct effect of the light upon particles that travel in the lymph, blood, and nerves. Researchers at the University of Vienna found that albumin is one of the particles able to be charged by light. It is then able to deliver this charge to tissues at distant locations (tissues) in the body.

Thanks it, colored light can act as a powerful tool to stimulate the biochemistry of the brain through the visual system by way of the retinal-hypothalamus brain connection.

The modern idea of Self-Regulation as a healing influence is based on the prescribed use of light and color to effect positive changes in the psychological or physical functioning of individuals. Humans need light of specific intensity and color range to regulate their biological states. The different light affects and controls human being and biological processes in the nature. Color has a profound effect on us on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The health of a person is not only associated to how well his body functions but also to how well are his psychological and emotional states. The optical illusion images and visual effects can have a strong effect on emotional state and partially or entirely can changes the psychological or physical functioning of individuals by Self-Regulation.

Our brain is looking for ways to maintain or restore a balanced state. Suitable optical illusion images and visual effects for you is the one you need at this moment. When people look at suitable optical illusion images, it is providing self-regulation by using their own mechanisms of the health support.

The optical illusions is a very wonderful way of supporting peopleís health and wellness. The optical illusions are colored in the vibrating colors that have therapeutic effects. By this amazing colors we making optical illusion videos for mental healt. Learn more about Optical illusion videos for brain trainings. We believe that these optical illusion videos have a wide variety of applications that will bring health and wellness to all the people on our planet.

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